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KIM MRP - Planning & Tracking Production

Barcode & Mobile Technologies applied in manufacturing plants

A complete solution for factory digitalization, built in accordance with Industry 4.0 principles

The solution is equipped with three main modules:

  • Planning Module
  • Warehouse Module
  • Production Module
  • Description
  • Benefits
  • Real-life demonstration

Production Planning

Aims to provide a very detailed view about the loading for all factory resources (machines, equipment, human resources)

Warehouse module

Provide full traceability for all categories of raw materials, by identifying them with unique barcode labels. The stock is updated in real-time based on manufacturing Work Orders

Manufacturing module

Full traceability on the entire production chain, from first technological operation to the last one, based on application of barcode labels on each cut component. Each operation/ process is confirmed in real time with the help of mobile devices and barcode technology

  • Establish a smart link between raw material and cut parts from production
  • Real-time access to work orders
  • Traceability of every part from production by attaching barcode labels
  • Traceability of mounting process of parts/subassemblies
  • Trace and update in real-time the stock of material
  • IN/OUT Warehouse handling
  • Recovering scrap parts from cutting operation and reintroduce the material in production chain
  • Reduce human errors by
    • pairing the metal parts that will be cut with the raw material
    • Auditing field operations (at any time will be known who and when performed a certain operation)
Project Information
  • Customer: Comelf S.A. Bistrita - member of Uzinsider Group
  • Status: Complete
  • Scope: Factory Digitalization following Industry 4.0 best practices and concepts
  • Results: Full traceability over the entire production lifecycle from Raw material purchasing phase, until the final product release