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Keep IT Mobile solutions that include mobile components are tested for continuous operation in industrial areas with high risk. By stable partnership with Zebra / Motorola, mobility solutions developed by the company are certified Zebra / Motorola, passing successively through two levels of quality control: internal and external (of partners).

Using Microsoft technologies, our platforms ensure easy interconnection with most systems in the market. All Web platforms developed by the company follow World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) standard. Web interfaces are responsive, allowing optimized viewing on any mobile device.

All our projects require a thorough analysis of business processes. Analysis stage is offered free of charge by the company and does not involve any commitment from the client.


Solution for planning and tracking production.

The solution proposed is a simple but effective tool which aims to provide full traceability over the entire chain of operations which are made in each production unit(ex: cutting, machining, painting, assembly).

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Computerized Maintenance Management System.

KIM CMMS este o unealta software puternica, utilizata pentru administrarea profitabila a operatiunilor de Mentenanta, incluzand toate procesele asociate.

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Automatic Number Plate Recognition.

The solution aims to view and control cars transiting one or more checkpoints. The system is composed of specialized cameras in identifying car numbers and can operate continuously in all weather conditions and without requiring user intervention.

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Sales Force Automation.

Given the upward trend of media tablets, sales are one of the most advantaged categories of this evolution.

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KIM Inventory

Software solution for fixed assets inventory.

Mobile inventory solution adapts to any type of company, especially where the internal organization of the recipient allows granular management by criteria such as: supplier, manufacturer, category items, locations, managers, responsibles.

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Warehouse Management System solution.

The solution is designed for logistics companies and provides a clear picture of the entire flow of goods in a warehouse.

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KIM Firefighting.

Software solution for fixed assets inventory.

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Yard Management System.

Traceability solution for trucks inside warehouses.

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