Keep IT Mobile

KIM WMS—Warehouse Management System solution.

Solution available on both Windows CE and Android. The solution is designed for logistics companies and provides a clear picture of the entire flow of goods in a warehouse.



  • Automating operations using mobile terminals;
  • Reduced handling costs;
  • Traceability between the entry documents and physical merchandise in stock;
  • Streamlining storage space;
  • Registration of the location where cargo is stored;
  • Any operation done is immediately visible throughout the system due to the use of wireless infrastructure;
  • FIFO / LIFO calculation algorithms for output or transfer operations;
  • Eliminating differences between the stocks management of the WMS beneficiary and the partners / customers;
  • Generate unique barcode labels allowing the unique identification of each pallet;
  • Generate documents: reception voucher, transfer voucher, consumer ticket, disposal ticket, delivery receipt, packing list;
  • Transparency – customers will have access to a web interface for viewing stored merchandise;

Systems with which can be achieved the interfacing:

  • ANPR System (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) – monitoring car numbers located in the reception and / or delivery area;
  • SFA Solution (Sales Force Automation) –taking orders depending on stocks supplied by WMS;
  • ERP, CRM, MRP solutions.