Keep IT Mobile

KIM SFA—Sales Force Automation.

Given the upward trend of media tablets, sales are one of the most advantaged categories of this evolution.

The low cost of these devices compared to traditional PDA mobile terminals, and also their visual and functional capabilities, have made media tablets the ideal partner for any company activating in this area.

Keep IT Mobile SFA solution combines the latest programming technologies with business requirements existing in the market at this time.


Strategic benefits of the solution:


1. Sales forces will be able to use their time more efficiently and productively by:

  • Eliminating other resources of agent’s activity, such as: product catalog, calendar and other reporting tools;
  • Uniform information sent to customer;
  • Centralizing all necessary activity elements in a single instrument;
  • Reduced training time for new agents, all necessary information being on tablets;
  • Obtaining customer location data and routes to them;
  • Van-sales and pre-sales integrated modules;
  • Reduction of customer interaction time thanks to a natural flow of activity;
  • Gathering competitive information in a centralized manner;
  • Effective ways to inform an agent with complete data needed for a quantitative and qualitative sale;
  • Improved relationship between agent and client by permanent notice of price changes, promotions, actual stock;
  • Ease of using SFA menu by complete and sufficient steps, desiring to complete action;
  • Relief supervisors from generating reports for the agents;
  • The possibility of realistic self-assessment of an agent and measuring his daily efficiency;


2. Sales managers can get real-time traceability of all activities of field teams, as follows:

  • Obtaining location data of the teams in the field at any time with the possibility of changing their routes;
  • Transmission of strategic information in real time;
  • Obtaining field data concomitantly with field agents;
  • Keeping the relationship with suppliers in an active manner;


3. Relationship with customers will be improved by:

  • Providing accurate information in key moments – such as the existence of promotions and offers;
  • Managing their feedbacks and taking related decisions;
  • Offering complete current or historical financial information;
  • Management of merchandise returns on time;


4. Functional advantages of the solution:

  • Using the newest 3G and 4G connections facilitates the exchange of information in real time between mobile component of the solution and its Back-Office component;
  • Agencies will be located at any time with the GPS tablet, thereby enabling the reconfiguration of routes based on market information at the time;
  • Customers will be registered by providing standard information and GPS coordinates, thereby permitting automatic design on the map to set up routes;
  • Orders taken in the field will be processed while drawing them up, thereby permitting updating stock and by default announcement of suppliers;
  • Invoices related to orders will be available on terminals, the agent disposing at any moment of all the customer data;
  • Proceeds will update in real time thus enabling unlocking a client in time, based on information regarding its credit limit and balance recorded;
  • Given the generous display space of the tablets, product catalogs are easy to present to customers, no need for other sources of information;
  • Task management is built intuitively and easily managed by the agent…hus eliminating human error and the need for other grading resources;
  • Agents will be provided with activity reports on the agreed target and specific information to achieve different purposes.