Keep IT Mobile

KIM Firefighting—Management system of firefighting equipment – by NFC technology

The solution involves:

  • Using Motorola mobile terminals (Motorola TC55,TC75) with NFC reader (Near Field Communication) to centralize field data;
  • Using NFC microchips (taguri NFC) for unique identification of each firefighting equipment (tags will be sticked on firefighting equipment);
  • Using a database server to centralize field data, namely to facilitate the generation of reports;



  • Registering in the system: customers, equipment, management, mobile teams, users of the two modules (Back Office and Front Office);
  • Updating the information on a device by scanning NFC tags at each intervention of the mobile teams (service, maintenance);
  • Generating real time reports on the mobile teams field activity;
  • Monitoring in real-time updated information related to interventions, by the solution beneficiary and also the beneficiary’s clients;
  • Providing full transparency for the customer, related to interventions of the service supplier on the equipment;


  • Making timely checks on firefighting equipment;
  • Field data collection in a mobile manner, namely centralizing them in a relational database;
  • Using NFC communication technologies, and also barcode readers.