Keep IT Mobile

KIM MRP—Solution for planning and tracking production.

The solution proposed is a simple but effective tool which aims to provide full traceability over the entire chain of operations which are made in each production unit(ex: cutting, machining, painting, assembly).


To monitor in real-time daily order progress, are required:

  • The identification of metal parts on the basis of barcodes (NFC tags or optional with RFID tags);
  • Scanning the codes before or after each operation (cutting, labeling, transfer, assembly), using mobile terminals;

Solutia optima pentru identificarea unica a reperelor:

  • Temperature resistant labels that can reach 1000°C;

The optimal solution for scanning codes in industrial working conditions:

  • Mobile Terminal resistant to harsh industrial conditions (dust, shocks, bumps, work gloves);


  • Efficient organizing of metal parts – because labeling is achieved even during the cutting process, the metal parts will be directly allocate on the afferent work order, without wait for cooling the metal;
  • The confirmation that metal parts were cut and labeled will be done directly in the production unit, by transmitting data using mobile terminal;
  • The confirmation of preparing the metal parts that are ready to be transfered will be done directly in the production unit using mobile terminal, and the head of department validates the transfer from the field;
  • Tracing the work order progress – by scanning the barcode labels, the system will display the current status from the production chain;
  • Customers loyalty – by providing realistic estimates of the duration of order execution;
  • Eliminating human error – by automating the import into the system, by automating the transfer process between production units;
  • Increasing transparency – can be provided a web platform for tracking progress of the launched orders;