Keep IT Mobile

KIM Inventory—Software solution for fixed assets inventory.

Mobile inventory solution adapts to any type of company, especially where the internal organization of the recipient allows granular management by criteria such as: supplier, manufacturer, category items, locations, managers, responsibles.


Available in two versions:

  • Online: using existing wireless infrastructure of the client, the user will have access to real-time data
  • Offline: when there is no wireless infrastructure at the client, data will be stored locally on the handheld and periodically synchronized with the server

Why mobile inventory?

  • It eliminates the time spent preparing and printing lists of items inventoried;
  • It eliminates human error generated by visual identification of items inventoried;
  • All inventory lists are electronic;
  • Fast data collection during inventory;
  • Accurate and fast centralization of inventory reports.


  • Optimization of time spent identifying and counting articles;
  • Generating inventory reports;
  • Viewing / keeping a history of product entry, in order to compare the purchase prices;
  • Checking information related to a product: name, stock, sale price (shelf);
  • Importing data from existing accounting module of the beneficiary.

Advantages and benefits of mobile inventory solution:

  • It easily integrates with the existing management system of the customer;
  • The possibility of achieving real-time data operations;
  • Structuring inventory depending on the existing nomenclatures of the beneficiary: suppliers, manufacturers, categories of assets.