Keep IT Mobile

KIM CMMS—Computerized Maintenance Management System.

KIM CMMS is a powerful software tool, used to manage in a profitably way the maintenance operations, including all associated processes:

  • Taking over requests
  • Programming interventions (repairs, maintenance, inspections)
  • Checking necessary raw materials
  • Registering on the field data from intervention
  • Monitoring interventions progress
  • Interventions history
  • Inventory of assets, on locations
  • Activity reporting
  • Equipment reports
  • Tehnicians reports


The companies wanted a solution that could cope with operational flow velocity by simplicity in use. Thus, KIM CMMS is a solution that meets these requirements while integrating also mobile components in daily flows.

The basic ingredients of this system:

  • Back Office – Web Platform (Microsoft technologies), SQL Server database
  • Front Office – native application for handsets equipped with Android operating system (optional it can be done with Windows or iOS interface)
  • Sync Server – sync service between Back Office and Front Office
  • Connectors for interfacing with different systems of recipient

Proven benefits of the system:

  • Taking over requests for interventions – will require minimum time for centralization
  • Optimal allocation of tasks for technicians – the technician should be allocated according to the qualifications required
  • Organizing correct timing of interventions – eliminates duplication of interventions
  • Updating inventory of materials – to ensure that the stock is correct
  • Active support by sending updated information – technician guidance according to problems encountered in intervention
  • Sending attachments to the field technician – compliance documents, steps to follow or photos of the equipment
  • Registration of intervention steps, during or after its completion – no information is omitted
  • Automatic generation of documents (order form, service form, record, technical report, service report, estimate, invoice, consumption voucher, transfer voucher) – eliminating time spent to manually complete documents
  • Granulated reports: equipment, interventions, technicians – decisions can be made as soon as they reach the server data
  • Reports for related departments: logistics (road map, consumption vs. necessary raw materials), HR (number of hours worked by each technician) – generating useful data for the departments indirectly concerned of interventions

Targeted Industries:

  • Energy – Oil and Gas, Electricity, Wind Energy
  • Instalations – HVAC (Heating Ventilating Air Conditioning), Firefighting
  • Facility Management – maintenance and repair of buildings equipment

Applicability in other industries:

  • Production – petroleum equipment, cogeneration equipment, automation equipment, production lines
  • Agriculture – agricultural machinery
  • Auto – auto dealers