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Oil and Gas

For companies in the oil and gas industry, the need for mobility has increased with the complexity of the processes but also with the expansion of oil fields in hard to reach areas.

Preventive and predictive maintenance activities have reduced to a minimum the stationary duration for repairing industrial machinery. To obtain the expected results, executors in field require previous work history in a quick and simple way. Thus, the mobile technology has become a must have in these areas.

Keep IT Mobile offers specific solutions for industrial environments with high risk, tested and certified by the agreed equipment manufacturers.

To which operational areas of mobility solutions we adress?

  • Service and maintenance for equipment and installation
  • QHSE, Inspections, Audits
  • Supply chain
  • Oil production wells
  • Gas production wells
  • Production of petroleum equipment
  • Production in refining installations
  • Refineries
  • Prospection

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Energy was, is and hope to remain the main concern of people. As long as we survive, it is our duty to refund to nature at least a part of what we consume. And this can be achieved by investing in the people who are responsible for the entire energy chain.

Investing involves new technology, optimal control of resources si human accountability. An important help to get these things it offered by customized software solutions. Using software solutions, can make the difference between:

  • Producing efficiently or producing with major environmental impact;
  • Optimal consumption or waste.

We support the energy sector by developing mobility software solutions, designed to optimize daily flows from the first day of use.

Solar Energy – it is an energy that grows and integrates into increasingly diverse areas. So far it has changed the lives of many communities that did not have electricity. Solar thermal and photovoltaic instalation maintenance is not intensive labor but must be carried out conscientiously. With KIM CMMS solution, the status of each solar panel can be quickly sent from the field, with pictures taken on the spot.

Cogeneration – maintenance of natural gas or biogas engines involves interventions made by technicians specialized by producers; any action done without approval can result in equipment damage. KIM CMMS solution provides to technicians involved in maintenance work, rapid access to critical data in order to make the right decision on the spot.

Hydropower – being the energy that takes most advantage from nature, it is also the one that supplies most of the electricity; thus, the outage should be as short as possible. The maintenance of such diversified equipment must be strictly performed. So, the KIM CMMS solution is an appropriate tool for managing these operations, within which information must be accurate and fast flow, to avoid hydroelectric malfunction for a long period of time.

Wind energy – whether they are located on land or sea, wind turbines require continuous attention from technical teams that provide maintenance. It is indeed hard work preparing intervention to the turbines located at sea. But in both types of location KIM CMMS solution will optimize the use of resources involved in maintenance.

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Retail companies seek today tangible benefits, such as: reducing stockouts, effective management of warehouses, products on-shelf availability, faster launch of promotions, centralized billing data, introduction of radio frequency identification technologies.

Inventory of items on the shelves has become a costly process for retailers. KIM Inventory software solution meets these needs by automating the inventory process, providing not only tracking but also a true picture of the stock at any moment.

The relationship with customers will be always a key element of a retail company. KEEP IT MOBILE CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solutions aim to achieve objectives such as:

  • Streamlining and centralizing the mode of interaction with customers in showrooms;
  • By using a centralized way of obtaining data in mobile format using media tablets, the commercial worker will meet the expectations, respectively the clients key questions (stock, product information, etc.) in a quick and efficient way;
  • Self-information for clients by labeling with QR codes;
  • Uniform and controlling commercial data offered to customers in showrooms;
  • Centralisation of information about the returned items;
  • Reduce training time spent by workers.

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WMS (Warehouse Management System) solutions aim to keep any record of stock movements across a warehouse chain.

Keep IT Mobile proposes WMS solution that is adaptable to any mobile terminal (Windows or Android).

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In an age of speed, getting real-time information is crucial for any business. Correctly applied technology facilitates the exchange of information with immediate effect in reducing costs. The productivity of sales agents is a determining factor in achieving the strategic objectives of a distribution distribution.

Keep IT Mobile SFA (Sales Force Automation) automates the sales process, thereby achieving not only customer loyalty but also reducing time and operational costs.

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Due to increasingly diversified demand for metal components, metallurgical producers need rapid identification and management of the processed material. Keep IT Mobile has developed and implemented specific solutions with barcode resistant to temperatures up to 1000°C.

To follow up production, Keep IT Mobile proposes innovative solutions based on technologies such as RFID or NFC, so each component will be associated with an identifier (chip) on the whole production chain.

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