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“Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.”
Antoine de Saint-Exupery

“The philosophy with which we started off is based on a clear principle … SIMPLICITY. Through an empirical analysis of the global business environment, it was found that there is no universally valid solution that meets all the needs of an organization. For this reason, our solutions aim to achieve punctual needs of companies with short-term quantifiable results.”
CEO, Vicentiu Corbu



Born in Microsoft technologies, using best practice and methodologies in the analysis, design, development and testing processes, we intend to offer our customers not only a provider of IT solutions, but also a serious, stable and reliable partner.



Technology is not always the answer, therefore our main goal lies in detailed understanding of the organization needs. Starting from this premise, through our solutions try to address a need and not a product.



Flexibility and ease of cooperation. Open to suggestions, challenges, ideas. High emphasis on quality and fairness.


We offer

Business Analysis

The analysis of business processes and operational flows of the client is the stage when the needs and expectations of beneficiary are defined. Their thorough understanding but also the experience of other similar business models will always generate the right solutions.

Software architecture

Creating a software system architecture involves very detailed understanding of customer needs, choosing the right technologies to minimize production costs and maximizing customer benefits. An architect with proven experience will always choose the most suitable packages libraries for the customer needs.

Software development

Software development services follow modern practices and methodologies, so every developed module passes through a series of stages of testing and documentation, being provided not only functioning but also the quality of the inserted code.

Support and maintenance

Rigorousness compliance of all stages of a project lifecycle provides the support team with the necessary tools for timely response to client requirements.