Keep IT Mobile

What do you wish from Industry 4.0?


  • Time
  • Profit
  • Eficienty
  • Control
  • Performance


  • Loss
  • Riscs
  • Waste
  • Material
  • Production delay

In fact, we know you’d pick them all. That’s why we’ve prepared for you the following solutions:

And other solutions for tracking, inventory, management that will have a significant impact on productivity growth and costs saving.

KIM on “I like it” – ProTv

We went on “I Like It” talk show to talk about one of the most innovative solutions: NFC (Near Field Communication).

Mobility has become the essential tool for the Industrial Sector. At KEEP IT MOBILE we deliver high-reliable software solutions for Manufacturing, Oil&Gas, Logisitics and Aviation industries. We managed to integrate barcode engines, RFID or NFC technologies in high-risk industrial zones and all across business sectors.